I International Symposium

Philosophical Heritage of the Turkic Peoples

19-21 September, 2018, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Along with its existence human has strived to conceive and make sense of the world around him marking it great importance as well. Since the ancient times the endeavors are being reflected in art, philosophy and science. With an aim to reach the sense of the existence integrity in universe man has been projecting searches in mythology, art, literature, religion, philosophy.

In spite of having resemblance between each other the searches have taken different forms in various cultures and geographies as well. For continuity of the existence human has developed diverse expression forms to conceive and verbalize it, has built the life order; the essence and existence understanding opens up various ways of explanation - from folklore to philosophy.

On this basis the Department of Philosophy of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University will organize the I International Symposium on the Philosophical Heritage of the Turkic Peoples between the dates of 19-21 May 2018 which aims to talk and discuss philosophical views of Turkic peoples. The prior purpose of the symposium is to regard the Turkic peoples' philosophy through the contemporary views and bring into light the philosophical patterns of the Turkic peoples' cultural heritage. This symposium will create scopes for researchers to share the ideas related to the history, religion and culture of the Turkic peoples; it will conduce toward gathering philosophers to have a close interest in regards to resources, possibilities and issues of our world of history, culture and civilization; as well as forming a language and literature on this subject matter. It is our greatest wish to organize the I International Symposium of the Philosophical Heritage of the Turkic Peoples in a different country every year and make it international through enriching it by up to date philosophical issues.